coyote trapping, Land trapping, Trapping TV — February 2, 2014 at 12:51 am

TRAPPING TV, show 1 is live, Norm makes a killer flat set for coyotes and more, check it out!


trapping tv coyote trapping

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  1. Very good show. Fastest 25 min. ever.

  2. I’ve noticed in your coyote videos that every “x” number of traps you have a catch. My assumption is every time down the line is not going to be as successful. My question to you is this: animal density, trapping pressure and bad weather aside, how many sets do you have out that would yield a 1-5 dogs a days average.

    You see, for my area, I have to put on a lot of miles to catch a lot of fur. (I’m not a long liner but I still do too many miles. ) Even at $2 a gallon, a 15 mile/gallon vehicle racks up considerable expense if you’re not catching anything (of value). $2 possums, $4 coon and the like just pay the gas if you catch enough of them and I hope for more of a return for my efforts.

    Then there are the questions of density of traps: 2-4 per location? Location distances apart? “Carpet bombing” a section or an entire township with sets?

    How does a sports trapper actually catch enough (in a decent market) to stay solvent?

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