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Trapping TV, a quick look into the show


trapping tv showTRAPPING TV is a project that is being produced from a group of guys that work together from time to time. We do what is in our trapper DNA, we pile up predators and other fur animals every chance we get. Not only do we stack fur deep and wide, we have a good time while we do it. Did I say we have a good time while we trap?

So who is on TRAPPING TV?  Brandon Johnson, Scott Adams, Norm Blackwell, Mike Kemble and Clint Locklear. So who are we? Well we trap on Predator Control Group jobs. and on our fur lines. We trap all over the county, some for fur value and a lot of it is for pay.

Our mission for TRAPPING TV is simple, show trappers what is possible if one makes his mind up to wack and stack fur. Educate trappers with how we trap, why we trap and throw in some tips along the way. TRAPPING TV  is a mixture of fun and fur. Now tell me what can be better than that.

So where can you watch TRAPPING TV? The first season will be on YouTube. The channel will be wolfernation. TRAPPING TV  will also be on this website, Wolfer Nation. The first shows will be live in a few weeks after the first of the year in 2014. I will let everyone know when the show kicks off.

So if you like to set trap, get dirty, catch animals and have fun, you will enjoy TRAPPING TV.

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  1. Looks great! Can’t wait to watch!

    With that crew I’d love to see a “behind the scenes” episode! :)

  2. Yet another thing that you’re doing to entertain and help spread your knowledge about trapping. A million thanks are not enough.

  3. What seotrapper said says it looking forward to the blooppers lol.Clint and crew have takin trapping and presented in a way non trappers can easily understand what this great sport really is.Trapping is a way of life in this house.i don’t earn my total living from it,but fur checks have paid a lot of bills and bought a lot of xmas presents for us over the years.The show is educational and entertaining.Thank you

  4. Thanks for doing these. This coming season will be my 50th trapping season, and I have learned a LOT from watching your shows. Keep up the good work

  5. Enjoyed the first season of Trapper TV. Would you let me know if and when the next season starts? Thanks. By the way. I had very limited time and money to trap last year, but I still caught my share of cats on your Cat Collector lure around here. Thanks again.

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