coyote trapping, trapping videos — November 30, 2013 at 7:34 pm

Trapping, snaring, snares and traps, we trap, why? video


This is not a how to trap video, but it does show some of what trappers do in the real world. Most people don’t know how we as trappers protect their food from cows and sheep to their lettuce and watermelons. If we did not trap, everyone would have a higher food bill. Without us, where would the animals come from that kids look at a zoo. How would we research wolves, relocated hurt animals, keep raccoons from tearing up folks house. Most women do not know that because of trappers, they have lipstick, eyeliner and high quality perfume with out trappers. I think you get the point, we as trappers should not be hiding what we do, we are in the right, so lets show people that they have better lives from the great thing we call trapping. 

Clint Locklear trapping catching bobcats










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