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Trapping in the rain, then stop digging holes coyote and fox trapping


 How to trap coyotes with flat sets.

flat set coyote trappingA few years ago I was beating in dirt holes on the coyote line and mother nature shut me down. I had out about 75 dirt holes and they where full of water. I worked the line after the rain and got my holes dry and traps reset in dry dirt, but to no avail. The next eleven days where wet and I worked hard, but the rain worked harder. Sometimes you just cant beat mother nature and I finally figured out this was one of those times. I started hanging loops and making flat sets. To be honest up to this time I mostly relied on dirt holes, but since then I have found the flat set to out produce dirt holes in the right situations for coyotes, fox and bobcats.

The flat set is a simple set. I have read all kinds of ways to make a flat set. No matter how you make a flat set, it boils down to bedding a trap in front of lure, some kind of eye appeal or both. Most of the time the set will have some kind of backing. This may be a rock, bush, bone, flipped peace of sod or a dropping. I have used all the above, but I prefer to use a clump of grass. The kind of grass I use most of the time is what I call buffalo grass. This grass grows in clumps and turns golden brown after the first frost. Some times you can find some buffalo grass where you need a set, but most of the time I find it necessary to dig up a clump with my digging hammer and plant it where it needs to be. I prefer to use this set on roads, four wheeler trails and game trails. Coyotes, fox and cats cruse these travel lanes. I have found out the hard way that coyotes don’t walk straight in on most sets, but this is doubly true on flat sets. You can have this simple set out in a field or in the woods, but if you sneak in a flat set at a place where a predator is already traveling you are on the money. Most flat sets don’t have very much eye appeal, they re lie on smell appeal. You want the coyote, cat or fox to smell your lure or urine and just swing over to the set. On the side of roads and trails this swinging can be controlled some what by brush and high grass.

My trap placement is using two traps and having those traps on a 45 degree angle from the front of the grass clump. I like to have my traps 10 to 12 inches back from the backing.

Trapping in the rain? Then stop digging holes!


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  1. I have been using flat sets for cats and coyotes since I bought six of Clint’s Teachers of the night DVD’s ( which is only about a month of having traps in the dirt)..Cats and coyotes come within about 10 feet of my sets but no closer…..Would you know how to remedy this or comment on what might be wrong????

    • That is what coyotes do a lot in late Dec and a lot of Jan. If they do not want to play, there is not much you can do.
      You could go to blind sets and snares. I try and find set locations with trails. I set the set as normal then blind set out from it on sets.

  2. the only way to go on coyotes . flat sets rule ..

  3. thanks fellows..sometimes you just start thinking maybe you are doing something wrong and missed what it might be…Thanks

  4. come out about 10ft.and put something for the coyote to stand doesn’t have to be big,what ever is natural.the coyote will stand behind that to look at your set.put your trap pan about 10 inches back from it.

    • From watching Teachers of the Night and how they act at sets that would be a good ambush trick….Thank you

  5. your welcome Melvin.ive never watched any of the teachers of the night dvds.I learned that from del Kramers trapping 101 works great for December and January coyotes.they make a lot of tracks at that distance.guiding them at that distance is easier to do cuz the closer to the set he gets the more afraid he gets.he is showing you where his comfort zone is.i don’t think coyotes are smart just scared poop less.

  6. I wish I could find one of those,but I must be looking inall the wrong places. Will keep looking….Thank you …Looking forward to next year..I bought 13 dozen new traps for fox coyote and cats, might even try some beaver..

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