Trapping Radio Shows — January 23, 2014 at 11:32 am

Trapping Radio – 96 – Randy Smith, How to trap coyotes and red fox with foothold traps


randy smith on trapping radioThis week on Trapping Across America we have Randy Smith from PA. For those that do not know Randy he is a trapping machine that piles up the fur on long fur lines. He has a system that nails coyotes and fox, we get into his coyote and fox locations, coyote and fox trap sets, plus his trapping systems. We also get into other trapping topics like trapping out of state, and the fur market. As you will see, Randy is a professional professional.

To listen to Randy on Trapping Radio Click Here

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  1. Thank for reading my email.
    I been watching a lot of video listing to trapping radio,I have seen a lot of different sets.flat sets ,dirt hole sets,Im wondering how do you know what set is right for a certain area,I’m thinking a flat set might right for one area,and might not be,that area might be right for a dirt whole set
    So how do you know which set would be best

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