Trapping Radio Shows — January 22, 2014 at 12:09 am

Trapping Radio -95 – The Best Trappers trap like a child, they Discover all the Time


trapper radio podcastThis Week on Trapping Across America we are looking at how we are trained to think as adults and why this way of thinking can hurt your trapping. Most of us want to do what we are told to think. Like where is the right place to put a trap at a coyote set? Where does the trap go on a raccoon set out on the water or a pocket set? You have a trap placement in mind, but why, where did you get your ideas from? have you challenged these ideas.

Most trapping is done with the grown up adult way of thinking. Sounds right, but this way of thinking does not leave a lot of room for discovering the things out on your own trap line. Kids discover for the sake of discovery, you want to be a better trapper, you should really be open to discovery. You might find that little kid that has to ask why and why not. Discovery is the key to find better and faster ways to trap. I will be talking about something that I have been playing around, ….the Portable Pocket. It has opened my eyes.

We are also having our first ….Rumor Monger Award, and that goes to Forrest London.

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