Trapping Radio Shows — January 11, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Trapping Radio – 93 – Clint Locklear is on the hot seat, what it was really like becoming a pro trapper,


clint locklear radio showThis week on Trapping Across America, we have….well me….Clint Locklear. I am getting interviewed by Norm Blackwell. He thought this would be interesting to do, so he could ask me questions about what it was like for me becoming a professional trapper. For years Norm thought I had money somehow when I got started, boy was he mistaken. Becoming a pro trapper is different for everyone, for me it was by the skin of my teeth. One thing I was sure of, I was going to make it, security be damned. So if you are struggling to make your dream come true, it may suck sometimes, but worth every bowl of Ramen you have to eat.

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  1. Dear Clint
    I just want to say I watch a lot of your you tube videos. I really enjoy them I am 31 and have wanted to trap for a long time and I am going to start this year in Missouri. I don’t have a lot of traps I have 6 duke dps, 3 #1 traps and 6 bigger traps for coyotes and bobcats that is all I can afore rite now. And I am going to get some of your cat collector to can’t wait. What do you recamend for coyotes. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    Your fan
    Justin Tice

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