Trapping Radio Shows, Trapping TV — January 1, 2014 at 1:15 am

Trapping Radio – 92 – Brandon Johnson from Trapper TV, how to trap and catch more fur


trapping tv podcastThis Week on Trapping Across America we have the trapping machine Brandon Johnson. We were together on a control job while we were filming Trapping TV in the south. One night after everything got quite I talked him into giving us an interview for Trapping Radio. A lot of you have seen some of his catch photo’s on Facebook and other places. It is impressive to say the least. Brandon is from Ohio, but state hops to keep piling up fur. He is known for a raccoon, beaver and otter trapper, but I can tell you from being with him, he can catch what ever he targets. I think you get a kick out of this interview, I hope it fires up some guys to copy Brandon work ethic.

To listen to the radio show with Brandon CLICK HERE

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