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Trapping Journal for coyote, fox, bobcats and otter by Brenden from Mississippi


image-1Hey yall. My name is Brenden Brown im 16 almost 17 years old and im from north east Mississippi. Last year was my first season trapping Mississippi and prior to that i trapped in Indiana for 4 seasons. Our seasons starts November 1st at mid night and I plan on doing my first mid night set. I want to have 100 snares and 50 steel traps going opening day, and right now I’m preparing for that. Tomorrow im going to be welding kill poles to set out for bobcats fox coyote and otter. My main targets this year will be fox bobcats beaver coons and otter.


Tomorrow will also be my last day at my ‘real job’. At my ‘real job’ we did plumbing heating air and home improvement. Ive worked that for 4 years and i just don’t think its for me, i feel as if i can make a little less money trapping and enjoy it ten times more it will be worth it, but that being said i can make more money trapping than i can at that job. I know right now my writing is a little dry and mixed up but it will get better as i start trapping next Saturday, I feel writing this will make me a better trapper and hopefully entertain yall.

This is the beginning of a trapping journal from Brenden.  I challenge each and everyone of you to do this same thing. I have Talked about this on Trapping Radio2. It takes guts and will challenge any trapper to expose their personal trap line to other trappers. It will focus your thinking and I promise you, you will find a little more grit for your trap line. I can’t wait to see how Brenden does this year. As you can see he is determined to make a living trapping.
Clint Locklear
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