Trapping coyotes and other predators this week on Trapping TV


This week on Trapping TV is all about predators. We go into how to trap coyotes and bobcats from Texas to Alabama. This is one cool show. We also go into the portable pocket. We catch coyotes and bobcats on the portable pocket. Plus we going in to trap locations when the coyotes are under pressure.

Albert Simpson from PA is with Norm Blackwell and myself in Texas. He gives some good tips on bobcat traps and trapping. Not only that, Albert covers how to power bed his traps. This is a neat trick if you have trouble bedding your traps or want to have a super bedded trap.

trapping tv coyote trapping


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  1. I’ve got to call bullshit when re-rod was given a bad wrap for anchors. I believe the term was. “By using re-rod you will have pulled stakes everywhere”.

    Good post – Lots of rookies come to youtube to learn. I think you need to mention re-rod and what it takes for it to anchor.

    I use #3 4 coiled Bridgers – All my k9 sets are double staked and I have yet to lose a coyote let alone carrying “my re-rod” anchors. Been setting this way for 21 years so I have a history using re-rod stakes.


  2. Very nice trapping. Thanks

  3. Very nice trapping. Thanks guys

  4. A single rerod could easily be jacked out of the ground. Cross staked rerod a are a different story.

    Before your time, if you’ve been cross staking for 21 years, Tom Krause and others advocated cross staking because coyotes were jacking single rerod a out of the ground. Short chained traps with either a cold shut or an end swivel were allowing coyotes to stand over the top of straight, single rerod that were up to 36 inches long. The industry tried bent rerod and dog-knot stakes and eventually settled on crossed rerod.

    Today some still cross rerod while others use cable stakes. And it appears that Clint’s set up if 30+ inch smooth rod works fine as long as he’s using 4-5 ft of chain. To each their own

  5. Excellent video guys thanks for taking the time to share some knowledge.

  6. I dont understand why I was block off from commenter on trapping radio 2.0. I have not said anything rude are said anything out of line,.

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