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Trapping bobcats with cage traps, tip


Trapping bobcats with cage traps, tip. Door up or down, that is the question

cage trap bobcats

One thing that has become clear with trapping bobcats with cage traps. If you set them to check them fast, there is no faster way to check bobcat traps. If you plan a head a little, you can place your traps in such a way to be able to check them at 30 MPH and or from 100 yards away. If the door is up, keep going to the next trap. If the door is down, run over and see what you caught. It is that simple. You don’t have to worry if a foothold trap is dug up or snapped off. Door up or door down is all you have to worry about. Sure every few days you will have to put eye on the trap to make sure lure is not gone or flag is not blown away, but besides that, go check more traps. This allows a trapper to run more traps and who does not like that.

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  1. who makes the cage traps you use and is there one you favor over the other for bobcat and or fox yote

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