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How to trap raccoons in snow, ice and cold on Trapping TV


Trapping Tv Raccoon trapping ice snowThis week on Trapping TV we are showing how to trap and catch raccoon when it’s below freezing, ice and cold. For the trapper that understands what raccoons do in the cold weather, the season is much longer than most trappers think it is. Big boar raccoon are the money animal and they are out in force looking for a girlfriend. Your job as a trapper is to put your traps in between the male and female raccoon. This is what Mike Kimble and Scott Adams show this week on Trapping TV. They show their winter line in Ohio and in Alabama. You will see how and where they set their dog proof traps to catch the money raccoon. It is not as hard as some folks make it out, but it does a change from early season raccoon trapping. We also have a neat interview with Randy Smith from PA talking about catching 1,300 raccoons in PA in the snow and ice. Enjoy!

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