trapping videos, water trapping — September 11, 2014 at 7:35 pm

how to trap muskrats with a colony trap between ponds, trapping video


how to trap muskratsSometimes the simple way is the best way. I guess I could make what I do in this video more complicated, but why? I was trapping some otter and beaver when I noticed a pipe or culvert running between two ponds. I set colony traps inside the pipe. The pipe was two traps wide, so I put in two traps to fill up the pipe. So if a muskrat wants to go through the pipe from one pond to the other, they get caught. You can not make muskrat trapping more simple than this. It takes seconds to put in. I caught two rats. That is a $26.00 paycheck for a super simple and low energy way to catch muskrats.

If the pipes are bigger, no problem. use bigger colony traps or more traps to fill in the culvert.  If you have rats, you will know in a night or so. A great way to test an area for muskrats.

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