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New way to trap and catch beaver with a Portable Pocket system and foot hold trap


beaver trapping clint locklearThis is a new system I have been playing with this year. It is called a portable pocket. I am not making them, I have Norm Blackwell making them for me. He is not selling them at this time, but maybe in future.
I got this product from LT Grey from Ohio. He gave me a few several years back. I have trapped raccoon with them. Something clicked in my head this fall, what else can you catch with the Portable Pocket. The more I used the system the more fired up I got. I have trapped beaver, otter, raccoon and muskrats with them. I am gearing up to trap bobcats, coyotes and fox with them. It is a cool system and seems to work about anywhere, dry or wet.
I can tell you one thing, beaver love them. I like the fact that I do no have to play in the mud, build mounds or have a showy set to nail beaver. Making the beaver sets with this tool is so fast and easy. In the video below, you see me using a slid rod to drown the beaver. In hidden areas this is not needed. I have learned that a trap that is staked to the Portable Pocket, you need 3-4 feet of chain, so no animals can get leverage on the stake.
I am going out today to set some more for muskrats on a few ponds that I can not get to dens. I am using bigger traps than normal for muskrats. Once you start using these, you never know what will get caught. So I might catch a raccoon, beaver, otter, muskrat, mink or even a coyote or fox.
If it seems like I am excited about the Portable Pocket you are right, I always like things that make my trapping quicker and easy.

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  1. that’s the cools thing I ever seen .

  2. I wonder if you could make a similiar system using pvc pipe and fiberglass fencing stakes to make the system lighter?

    Might try to make a few that way to try out the last few weeks of the Ohio season.

  3. I have used the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE just around the outside RIM of the ‘Portable Pocket Set’. The one facing the water. This seems to focus the animals attention toward the ‘hole’ , where the lure/bait is but more importantly just beyond the trap.
    This allows you to use less product. A glowing ring ? Is that unnatural ? Of course not. Animals see glowing rings all the time. What is the moon and its reflection ?


    • Not sure if unatural, but they do seem to come to it. LT, we figured out how to nail coyotes with them. These things are cool!

  4. When will the portable pocket be available to buy.

  5. Clint-
    Is there a website to purchase. any diagrams on how you use this set, with the different target animals

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