beaver trapping, Otter Trapping, trapping videos, water trapping — September 4, 2014 at 2:47 pm

how to trap beaver and otter in cage trap, a colony trap!


how to trap otter beaver cage trapHow to trap otter and beaver in a cage trap, not a normal cage trap but a large colony trap. As most of you know, I strive to push the limits on trapping. We can always have higher catches, catch fur faster and be more efficient trappers. I can’t help it, this is my mission. So I always try new things to see what happens when I put my theories against the real world.

The video below is shot with a GO PRO camera, so you see what I see.

Years ago, I started Playing with this idea. It has been an eye-opening journey.  Why can’t we catch beaver and otter two or three at a time. Well, we can. How cool is that. I built a very large three door colony trap and found a great narrow point to place the trap. See what I saw. Better yet go out and do it better than I did on the cloudy winter day. This is a fun way to trap otter and beaver.

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  1. like your colny trap, thats how i think.

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