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How to snare and catch more coyote while coyote snaring


how to snare coyoteSnaring coyotes is a lot of fun, and easy to do on good snaring locations. I try to find areas that funnel down the coyotes to one too three trails or coyote travel ways.

I like using 1×19 cable snares. For most of my coyote work, I use 5/64 size cable for the loop end of the snare. On the back side of the snare I will use 3/32 7×7 cable as a tie off. I always, always, always have a swivel on the snare next to the loop of the snare, not the end of the snare. The will keep the part of the snare that is around the coyote from twisting up and breaking.

In the snaring video below, you will notice that I am using a 14 foot long snare. This is for two reasons. One, the coyote can get off my trail and wrap up away from my snare location. If you use short snares, you will have to move the location after every catch. The problem is that some trails only have one or two places that work well for snaring. Plus moving around takes time and energy. A lot of snare locations are in view of people. A long snare will alow the coyote to get far off the trail and be out of view of trappers or non-trappers.

The second reason is that a long snare means I am not screwing around with extension cables, s-hooks or other devices to hook up snares. By using a long snare I can almost always find something to tie off too. This is another speed issue that can mean the difference as you run longer and longer snare lines.

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  1. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been eyeballing an area wanting to trap there, but it looks alot like your right off I-40 in these recent coyote videos. Do you trap much around roads and “public” type areas in Tennessee and have you ever trapped WMAs?

    • No where around I-40, I have trapped in WMA for sure. I have permission were I am setting. This guy had dogs killed by coyotes and asked me to catch them. You have to be carefull in TN just trapping off road, you are better off getting permission.

      • I hear ya. I’ve only got a half dozen dp’s I bought last year to help turkeys on a small place I deer hunt. Now though, I’ve caught the bug and thinking about investing for next season as long as I can find a few places and curious if WMAs produce. I assume they can since trapping doesn’t seem to be very big around here.

        • Some of them hold a lot of fur, some don’t. If you scout you will find some nice WMA’s. Plus getting permission on privite land is not that hard.

  2. Do you make your own 14′ snares for yotes, or buy them, and if you fo buyvthem, who has them, thanks.

  3. Great video dude… I am just getting into snaring Coyotes and I just had many questions answered by you. Thanks alot.

  4. Im need someone to explain how to run snares for
    Coyotes when you have cattle running there

  5. I not sure I made a miss of these snare are not,I bought 1/19,5/64 snare.that was before I bought your snaring DVD,these are dispatch snares,they are 7`long and no swivels,so I bought barrell swivels,and place the ,Brl Swivels with ,14″ of play then the rest of the snare I attached back,the snare have adjustable ends,now im not sure these Brl swivel s ok,and Im wonder about these snares freezing up all have to stake these snare are earth anchors.
    I dont won’t to tye these

  6. I bought 12 , 1/19 5/64 ,dispatch snares that was before I got your snaring dvd,
    So I bought barrell swivels to place in the snares,
    Hope these will be ok,and the only steaking system I have are earth anchors.
    Will the barrell swivels work,
    Will the earth anchors be ok
    And what do I do about these same icing ovet

  7. Any way the question is,will barrell swivel be ok the on coyote dispatch snares.,
    What do I do if these snares freeze up.

  8. I’m 12 years old and I’m just starting to trap coyotes what bait sets would u prefer in a snowy swamp

  9. Im doing blind sets on trails for coyotes and haveing troublt getting the coyotes to use the trail in setting on any suggestions on how to get them to use it more

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