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Raccoons eating feed at game feeders, costing hunters and landowners money!



Why are you wasting so much money? Feeding raccoon at your deer, turkey and quail feeders.

If you are heavy into supplemental feeding your deer and other wildlife, you might be throwing away a lot of money every month. You buy the food for the deer, but the raccoon are eating 20-40% of the feed. Plus the raccoons will rake your feed to the ground or urinate and defecate in it, if you are using trough style feeders. In other words, you are feeding just as many raccoon as deer. Catching a few raccoon a year in cage traps is just a drop in the bucket to the amount of raccoon that make a living off of your supplemental feed. Take a moment to figure out what your yearly feed bill is. Now figure up what you would save if you could cut your bill by 20-40%.  

raccoon eating deer feeder










We have talked with biologist and poured over information and studies on the eating habits of raccoons. Raccoon eat in the two to four pounds of food each day. So let’s take the middle ground and use the figure of raccoon eating three pounds a day. So a raccoon that eats three pounds a day for a year eats 1,095 pounds of food in a single year. This is only one raccoon; an average family group of raccoon is four. The family group contains the female and 3-5 young. The young will stay with the mother for close to a year. The family group eats about 4,380 pounds of food a year. That equals over 2 tons of food in 365 days per family group. Now you have to keep in mind that male raccoon run mostly by them self, so each male is also eating half a ton of food each year. If you are running feeders and a family group of raccoon, plus a male is living off one feeder, it is mind boggling the amount of food you are spending to feed them. I guess if you are raising raccoon, then this expense make sense.

You can put a trail camera on each feeder and see if raccoon are eating at the feeder. Now add the number of feeders that raccoon are using and count the raccoons and amount of the feed they are eating. Most ranches will find the cost of raccoon control is only a small percentage compared to the amount that they are spending to feed raccoons. It’s as close to free income or a high return on investment as ranchers can hope to find.

Note to hunter or landowner: You need to find a trapper to trap your raccoons. If not,  you are spending way to much money to feed your game animals. If you help a trapper with fuel cost and through him some money, you are making money if you have a decent size operation. Predator Control Group has saved some deer ranches $30,000 a year on high protein feed. It cost them about $5,000 to save $30,000. This is a no brainer.

Note to trapper: It is up to you to be able to explain to a land owner that you trapping raccoons is a money-maker. Above is one way we at Predator Control Group explains raccoons eating feed. Feel free to use this or parts of it. Landowner NEED your service, but they don’t know it, till you explain it to them in a way they can see the light.

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