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Portable pockets, Freedom Brand Dog proof traps, mental outlook while trapping, questions to Clint Locklear

clint locklear trappingI have been listening to your trapper radio and have had to go back and download all of the episodes.  But something you said struck me and now I have lost sleep on how to make this portable pocket work just a little better maybe.   Here is my idea for a double trap set on the pocket.  One trap in front of the hole with a drag on it and a set directly behind the set staked off to the portable pocket.  I know nothing new but what if you were to weld a horse shoe nail to the rod just below the pipe or notched out the back of the pipe where a chain link could fit into it.  Then set your drag up but slip a link of chain over the nail or in the notch so that when an animal gets caught in the trap attached to the drag it turns the portable pipe around to then put the open end of the set somewhat or directly looking at the trap bedded down and attached to the portable pocket system. Like I said this is just a thought.  The other thing that I thought of make the system to complicated but to put a bushing on the pipe part to make it swivel to the back after it has been hit by the trapped animal.  This bushing would be kind of like the system used on rest room partitions that when you leave the toilet area that keep the door open enough to let someone else know that it is free for the next person.
Question for you how well are the 30” steaks holding in sandy soil on cats and coyotes.  Reason I ask is in my area I double steak two 30”,  ½”  re bar on every trap, because of sandy soils.  Thinking that I may have to add six more inches to the steak and go from there with a 5-6 foot chain.
Now maybe I can get a full night’s sleep now that I have let someone know about it.  Thanks for all you do for the Trapping Industry and please keep up the great work.
Thank You
John R. B
That is a wild and interesting idea. If you try this, please let me know if it works.Having more stake is fine. I’m sure there is ground that the stake will have to be added too or shorten. You may find that once you add the extra chain, you might not need to double stake. I would rather have 8 feet of chain and one stake that beat in two stakes. Way less energy.



Please relay to Clint for me a very Big with many Thank You's. While being "stuck" in the hospital undergoing treatment for Leukemia, I watched his DVD "Crushing Coon With The Alcatraz". It was a game changer for me. Also, his segments on F&T Trapping Show using the FB DP-1, are going to be the same. The reason why for this message is due to complications arising after a round of chemo, I lost all of my toes and the top 2/3rd of my finger tips and the DVD and TV Show showed my DP's that I can set without fingertips and I was able to put the Alcatraz to use last year and this year some FB-1's too! I could still set other type traps, Body Grippers and Leg Holds, by using setters, but not DP's Now there are 2 types that I can set with my hands. Again, many, many Thanks Clint! Oh, lest I forget, after buying some FB DP-1's from F&T, I bought 2 of their DP Setters. I don't have to sell my Coon Daggers now, all because I watched you Clint. I could just picture you saying how well built it was and how easy it was to operate! Thomas R H

Thanks for the kind words. It is inspirational to see you still trapping with the issues you have with your hands. Now that is dedication. I am always amazed at motivated people. I truly hope you can beat the Leukemia.

keep trapping brother,
Clint Locklear


Note to readers: I put this last email on a public format for a simple reason. No matter how bad it seems to get on your trap line, it probably is not that bad in the scope of things. It is up to you, the trapper to have the right attitude. Most of the time we as trappers have little bumps in the road and make mountains out if. I have a friend down the road from me about 20 miles. He hunts deer, turkey, squirrel, does taxidermy, make Indian jewelry and traps. No big deal right, wrong. He has no legs and only one arm. He is an amazing outdoors men. He is always smiling even when he gets into some crazy situations due to his limitations. So the next time you start to grumble and feel sorry for yourself, get out of your pity pool. Smile and cowboy up! Life and trapping is what we make it, not what happens to us.

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  1. On the portable pocket,what size thin wall pipe is best? (2 inch-2 1/2- 3-larger) And how long is it?(3 inches 5-6) How long is your drowing rod for beaver?

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