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This morning on my live market coyote run I found this

They found my grass clump with Yote Dope and some urine irresistible! Strange but true. No coyotes today but memorable nonetheless. One of the reasons I love trapping is the memories gathered from off the wall stuff like this that most people don't get to experience. Had a devil of a time getting them out alive. Take care, J.

That is so cool. I have caught a few on that lure also. Was an experience turning them loose for me also. Thanks for sharing.



clint, I just bought your portable pocket dvd, from f and t, and had couple of questions. can I use 18 in rebar, if I use a drag. if so, how long should the chain be and can I use cable instead of chain, and anchor around tree or solid objects? just getting back into it from 15 years off. going to buy a snare dvd. which one of yours should I buy? need to brush up, been a long time. great dvd...thanks bob S C OH but born and raised in KY

Yes, you can use a 12-18 inch rebar on the portable pocket when using the drag. Just don’t hook up your trap to it. Coyotes will jerk it or pump it out of the ground with a rebar or a short bar. I would go with 6 feet of cable, but make sure the end of the cable can not tighten up on the portable pocket stake. On my Saber Tooth Drags I always want 8-10 feet of chain. If your asking the length of cable to tie off to a tree, I go 6 -12 feet, but at least give a coyote or bobcat 3-4 feet of cable to move around. I would get the High Performance Snaring One, these videos build off the first one. Since your back into trapping after 15 years, your about to remember how fun life can be.


Were do I sell coyote,coon,fox.glands..

It could be other trappers or lure and bait makers. You have to ask around and talk to people that might want what you have. Trapping forums are a good place. You can also call lure makers and see if they need what you have. Most of all, do not do anything to the glands but put in freezer if you want to sell to a lure makers. We do not want messed around with glands. If you grind and add things, you will get less money per volume. A lure maker is not going to pay for added bulk for glycerine or have to deal with products that may not be good in lure or bait formulations. Ask a lure make what he wants, how the product should be handled and only do this. This is how you get a life time customer that will be glad to buy from you again.




will round small red electric wire fence post work for lamination on sleepy creek #4 non offset long spring.


I think it would, if you have them I would try it. It should be 1/4 inch round minimum. If it is galvanized be careful and do the work outside. You will have some strong gasses formed from the galvanization coating. If the metal is not being used and sitting around the price is right. If you are buying it, look up a metal shop and see what a 20 foot stick will run you. It may save you some money and no gasses to deal with.


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