Land trapping — November 17, 2014 at 3:36 pm

muskrat, otter, coyotes, nutria, possums, Raccoon and beaver trapping in Mississippi with Brenden,


Trapping in mississippiWell my first week of the seasons down, don’t think i did to bad, i caught 1 muskrat 2 otter 3 coyotes a pile of nutria a couple possums 10 coon and 2 beaver, i would of have what i thought was a mountain lion but it bent the hell out of my kill pole and broke my bobcat snare, left a huge catch circle to. I had a coyote that was foot caught in a bobcat snare and that was pretty cool. I also snared a coon around the neck and that was a first for me, i had 2 crawl under snares close im still trying to figure that one out. Ive been catching the beaver and otter in 330 magnums with a new trigger idea im trying, im sure someones used it but basically its where the body gripper is about 1/2 submerged and the trigger wires are bent across each other if that makes sense, like the left trigger wire is pointed to the right side of the body gripper and of course my trigger and dog are upside down they are bent so they sit around a 1/2″ below the water surface and i do that for 2 reasons, one we have a lot of leave here and we have a lot of leaf clutter here also so with them just below the surface the leaf floats over the trigger and does not clog them up, the second is i think the otter or beaver seeing the trigger may freak them out so with the trigger below the water they wont see it and they bump it with there neck or chest rather than there face. Tomorrow i plan on setting up another beaver slough and setting more snares, im hoping to snare my first beaver and otter soon, hopefully ill start getting into some cats to, i hope to get some sets out for them to and more sets for coon and mink maybe a few muskrat sets to

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