coyote trapping, Land trapping, trapping videos — December 28, 2013 at 1:26 pm

Keeping traps working in the rain and what NOT to do coyote, fox and bobcat trapping

Joey trapping in NC

Joey trapping in NC

In the trapping video, I am having some fun. I had a friend that will stay un-named that helped me on some instruction. we each took some guys out and set some traps. These were new trappers for the most part. That night it started to rain. We went out and checked the sets. Traps that have that ….perfect book…..low spot over the trap, were washed out.  if you think about it, what else can you expect if you have a low spot over a trap and it rains hard.

I am having fun with my buddy with this video, I admit. On the other hand, this is a case study to learn from when you go out and set traps. It is up to the trapper to keep traps working. Next, how many days does a trapper in the East or South miss if the traps are under water. Plus think about all the extra energy wasted remaking sets because of the way the set construction reacts to rain.

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  1. dang rite rip in to him , if it was you they would hammer you . good video , and hack on him some more we all have been there one time or a other .

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