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Hello Clint,

We cleaned out our lure cabinet out this summer and came across several small jars of James Mast’s #6. It’s says a food scent for getters. Well it sure is! Works damn good.

Anyway possible way you might know more about this? Who, where, what??
I’m assuming the maker isn’t still in business or alive anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated!

K. G. MT

As far as what is in it or who makes something like it, Sorry no clue. What you have is a collector item that might be worth a nice bit to someone it the label is still readable and the original material in it. The getter part is for a tool that used to be used during James Mast’s time. It was a small tube with a 38 Caliber pistol round in the tube and the coyote pulls on the tube and the bullet is fired into the mouth of the animal. As you can guess, this is no longer legal. You can use it or sell it, but what you have is a super cool find.


Hello Clint
Thought I might give you a chance to pat yourself on the back
Went to a local farm the second week of November and set traps for fox and coyote mostly flat sets with a few portable pockets only caught skunks My wife hates that I keep the quill
After three weeks of that I pulled them
Here’s the point
Last week the farmer called and asked me if I forgot any traps
Of course I did and there was a coyote standing in it
Thank You for the time to make a great bait
Trapper Ted
Northampton County
North Carolina

Your more than welcome, I do my part but the real work is done by you putting the Federales coyote and fox bait to work. Keep turning Federales loose and you will find that it will have your back! Nice job!



Hey brother my names Joe I’m a Gunny stationed at Quantico here in VA…i bought some cat collector last year from you and i slayed 7 fox and 1 coyote…this year i just picked up some cat fancy and Federals bait…..I’m running all dirt hole sets and nailing fox and possum but cant seem to nail the bobcat i got tons of photos of him working my sets….photo enclosed….should i try a rub set? and can i use the Cat Fancy on the post for him to rub? I got dukes number 4s….is it cause he is chasing girls and not interested in food smells?…..illusive bastards for sure. I flagged the dirt holes with turkey wings above the sets….any advice would be awesome bud….Thanks for your service by the way brother. I’ve really fell in love with this trapping thing. Reminds me of back rigging IEDs for hoggies and trapping there asses.

Semper Fi.


If they are working the set, the flags and lure seems to be working. If I where guessing, I would say your trap is to close to hole. My traps are at a minimum 18 inches from the dirt holes for bobcats. Second I would guess the set is to open and not blocked down enough.I would say put out a few run sets for variety. One important thin to remember, once a bobcat works a set, it is a low percentage if the same cat will do it again. You will need to change the way the set looks or move down the trail a bit. Good luck on racking up the bobcats and thanks for standing tall for America.



Hello Clint,

Just discovered your youtube / website, excellent stuff, I’m new to youtube. Have been appreciating all your advice and suggestions, you have a wealth of knowledge learned from hard experience. I have trapped all my life since the age of 8-years old, 63-years old now and love to learn, you are doing excellent work.

I live in Alaska on the coast, no canines for the last twenty years, however we have a ton of land otter’s that travel vast area’s on land and coastal salt water area’s. Last 2-winters no snow leaving us unknowing where to make continued blind travel way sets, plus a very rocky, gravel terrain.

Have been mildly successful with bucket bait sets, 220-conibear using herring for bait. Wondering if you have any cubby / bait sets continually catching otter’s. Our country is so vast, that today we might have otter’s everywhere, tomorrow may not see them for a month until they come through again.

Appreciate any information, or reference’s of study. Looking for a consistent cubby / bait set, and recommended lure or bait that takes otter.

Thank you very much, J. L. AK

John, I know some guys that do catch otters in cubbys. The ones that seem to do the best use a open uncovered wire cubby with the 220 in opening. I have not tried this much, so I’m not sure what advise to give. I would give it a try and see what happens.

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  1. Back in the early 60s I got some “James Mast #21 Food Scent Bait” from an old man trapper named John Darrow in Oklahoma.
    It was gray in color stunk like you can’t believe, but worked on about any kind of set for Coyotes.
    Came in a pint bottle with a small neck, and was labeled as “above” on a paper label.
    hope this helps.

  2. If you have any tips or info(scents, drags, baiting stations) on cage trapping I would love to hear it about it. I live in Washington state and the laws strict. CAGE TRAPS ONLY! I have not seen anyone on youtube or any other trapping forum where they ONLY use cage traps. I’m 3 years into trapping so far running 15-20 traps:cage, colony and weasel boxes. any hints or tips are appreciated.

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