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Im trapping, but not catching what I am setting traps for, what am I doing wrong?


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Mr. Locklear,
I have decided this year to get back into trapping. I havenÂ’t trapped since I was 14 and IÂ’m 44 now. I figured since I have a lifetime license in Oklahoma and it includes fur bears so why not. So far this year I have caught 17 raccoonÂ’s, 8 skunks, 10 possumÂ’s, 1 Bobcat, and 3 beaverÂ’s thus far. Our season ends on the 28th of February so who knows but the Good Lord how my season will end. My question is do you provide a trapping school? Because the only reason I have the Bobcat is because where I trap the farmer has a pit that he throws all of his dead animals in and I put a trap by it and caught the Bob cat by the toe. Pretty lucky catch. I know there are a lot of coyotes out there but have not caught any I have tried to use flat sets dirt holes and blind sets. I know I must be doing something that is not right for catching Bob cats and Coyotes. We have trail cameraÂ’s out and the farmer has a picture of close to 15 coyotes at one of his ponds at once t
here are a few Bob cats I donÂ’t know exactly how many there are we do have at least 2 more out there. I have used your cat collector bob cat booty call and coyote booty call. They work great catching coonÂ’s. It seems like every time I use those lures raccoonÂ’s get caught and nothing else. So I must be doing something wrong. Can you help?



Due too lure business, I no longer can put the time in for a school. I would recommend reaching out to OK trapping association, and seeing if there is a experienced trapper you can run with or take instruction from. I have over a hundred videos on trapping for free on YouTube channel is wolfernation. If you want to know everything I do and have done trapping checkout  Plus we have several hundred of hours of trapping that is free on

What are you doing wrong, I would say your right on track, trapping is not a formula with what works. Every line, set and season is different. Saying that unless I am with you I have no idea what could be different or changed. catching raccoon at predators sets is common for everyone. If they find set first they will work it and get caught. If i was to guess and I am, I would say you are setting locations more for raccoon than coyotes and bobcats. Try this, only set traps next to tracks or droppings of the animal you are after. I have a felling this will help you out.

Good luck,

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