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How to trap and catch more coyotes at your dirt hole sets


coyote dirt hole setEvery trapper I know wants to catch more coyotes at their dirt hole set, me included. I can tell you from years or trapping coyotes for pay all across the country, the more natural a coyote set is, the faster it will connect with a big nasty  coyote. natural is talked about a lot in trapping, what does this really mean. Well, the set looks like an animal dug the hole, not a man. Most trapping sets can be seen as un-natural from even a non-trapper. They stand out in nature and that can hurt the trappers catch. The best way I found to have a natural set is to find and study natural holes in nature. I take photo’s of them. Then I try to mimic them on my trap line.

In the video below, I have a hole that was dug by a coyote. How much more natural can you get than that. One thing you will notice is that the dirt pattern is massive. It does not look like a common red fox set. The next thing is the coyote dug the hole from two different angle, not one. The place to catch a coyote with a set like this is on the sides of the hole, not in front.

You want to catch more coyote while your out trapping, make your dirt holes just like you see in the video.

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