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Great coyote bait, snaring with cattle…never do this, freedom brand cage traps for raccoon


federales coyote bait













How ya doin Mr. Locklear ?? This is R. in Dallas. When you get a chance can you shoot me a price on ur FEDERALES by the Gallon ?? I've been using this bait for almost 3 years now in Texas and Louisiana, and I'm hammerin coyotes. I sent a pint to a friend of mine in the Florida panhandle and he's drillin em there with this bait too. Don't know what u put in the stuff, but it's Badass medicine. No rush. Enjoy your weekend !! Thank you for your time sir !$

That is great the Federales is working for you on the coyotes! keep rocking on the trap line brother. Price is $80 per gallon for Federales. I will need to know ahead of time to bottle it up for you in gallon jugs. Should not be a problem we have to make it 2-3 times a month to keep up with orders.


I need some advice, i’m going to run snares on a place that has cattle on it,im want to snare with out catching these bulls.if I set these snares at 14 inch off the ground will that height keep the bulls from stepping into the snares,and still catch the coyotes.
I am also working on coming to the Tx tapping school


Listen to me very carefully, do not run snares with cattle, horses, sheep or goats. You will end up in trouble. Never, never, never do this. No matter what you do, you are asking for a major headache and a bad reputation. There is no way to set snares and not catch cows over time.You may get away with it, but you will have a very bad day in the future. I wish there was a way to do this, but there is not. Break-A Ways are a great add on to a snare, but not close to 100% with live stock. Use traps and rifle inside of fences with live stock only. I’m not getting on to you, but at the same time I do not want to see you have a train wreak.



Clint, Whose live catch trap would you suggest for raccoon trapping. I have a thought, the guy whose is letting me trap his property always has a home garden each year. With prices being down and I am planning a walk-in freezer type room as you suggested in saving pelts until prices for a particular animal increases. But I had a thought to maybe somewhat achieve the same thing, sort of! I am going to trap the coons with live traps to help decrease the numbers in his area. Then transfer the animal to some property I have way back away from places where people live and release the coon for future trapping. What do you think? T. - The Alabama Trapper getting ready to hit the woods Nov. 7th here in Alabama.

I like the Freedom Brand cage traps. They are strong, work well and have a neat bait. Best of all the prices are good. I use them myself. Be careful about relocated the raccoon, some states get real upset if they catch you doing this. I would check into laws before doing this. good luck on your trapping this fall.


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