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Freedom Brand FB2 Trigger set-up on Raccoon Dog proof Trap


I posted a video on YouTube on my Wolfer Nation Channel about getting my grubby hands on the new Freedom Brand FB2 dog proof trap for raccoons. I thought they looked good from the box. I played around with them in the yard. I set them and re-set them over and over again. The FB 2 DP traps looked good, but that does not matter on the trap line.

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So how did they work? They caught raccoon, no that is not right, they caught me a lot of raccoon. I had several doubles and up to a morning that had 7 raccoons around a small tank with a food source close to it. OK, OK I caught coon with them, but is there a difference with them and other dog proof traps I have used in the past? I would have to say …………..a big hell yes! I have used all kinds of DP traps. Some are better than other for sure. Some traps have functions of the traps that stand out above all others. The Freedom Brand FB2 is a pull trigger trap. It also has the dog that sits into a dog that is attached to trigger. It is similar to the original Little Grizz trigger system. Let me tell you one thing, the guys at Freedom Brand …QSR….. are very good or very lucky. I don’t know which, but the trigger system is out of this world. Now, I will admit that I have a trigger and pan fetish. This FB2 trigger is sweet and the best set-up I have used. Now that is a big statement I know, but let me explain.

A problem with a lot of dog proof traps is the leverage points on the trigger. Dog proof traps need to have triggers that fire with very little pressure and very little movement. This is the case with a new trap. The trap is clean and has slick surfaces. Once a trapper goes to work on the raccoon line, traps DO NOT stay this clean and slick. So most traps get more pressure to fire the trap within a few week of trapping. One way a trapper can fight this is to set the trigger on a half or 1/4 notch in the dog. This will shorten the travel the trigger has to move to fire the trap. So if the trapper does  set the DP trap at full notch the trigger has to move farther and with more pressure to fire a working trap in the field. Once you set the trap on half or less of a notch, the trap catches more coon. Raccoons DO NOT slam around on a trap. They gently work the trap, not grab the trigger and yank!

Back to the Freedom Brand FB2 dog proof trap. Without doing anything to the trap, you can set the trigger on a short, short notch. I mean as close to a 1/8th to 1/16th of an inch. Like I said this trap has the perfect leverage of the trigger and the dog. Now try this with the other traps on the market. You will be lucky to set the trap at half notch. Most traps have a creeping trigger. So if you try to set a half or 1/4 notch. The trap will fire off in a few moments to few hours. A set off trap does you NO good on the trap line! The FB2 does not creep and you can set the trap on a 1/4 notch and it will be that way till you make the catch. This is not a small advantage, it is massive!

Since the FB2 can be set on a 1/4 notch, you can catch more raccoon. The reason is simple. The trigger is super easy to move and fire off. The raccoon does not have to move the trigger very much at all to get caught. This is even more important with a dirty trap.  

The import thing about a trap or even a dog proof trap is how it works in real conditions once it is gunky and rusty. Because let’s be honest here, raccoon trappers are not clean freaks. Raccoon trappers are speed freaks.

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  1. Hi Clint, Gavin again I was wondering if you are going to be at the ATA trapping convention in september.

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