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Freedom Brand FB2, new dog proof trap on the market, a review


freedom brand FB1 dog proof trapI just got in a doz of the new Freedom Brand FB2 traps , so I though I would give you a look at them. These traps a different from the FB 1 traps I have been using for two seasons now. The FB2 is more like a Grizz dog proof trap or a Duke Dog proof trap. It has a pull trigger. I noticed right off how smooth the trigger is, its seems to be set up right and fires without binding up. They built the trigger system right by having the leverage points spot on. The difference from a Duke dog proof trap is the staking system. It is the same as on the FB1, which works great. The Freedom Brand trap is made in America, can you believe that! An American Company that builds traps in the USA.

Check them out at

The price is surprising, it is $129.99. This is about $20.00 cheaper than the over seas stuff. Great Quality, American made and saves you money. Saying that almost makes me feel like I am in the Twilight Zone, unheard of today.


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  1. They aren’t going to quit offering the FB1 are they?

    • No, They are geared up with the stuff to build the traps, so they made a different model, thats all

  2. How did the new dog proof traps work out in the field?

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