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Good afternoon Mr. Locklear. My name is Roman Arnold. I live outside of Dallas Texas and I use a lot of your lure and bait products. I did a trial run with your FEDERALES bait on a 5000 acre ranch and I made 11 sets using FEDERALES only, no lure, no urine and I caught 25 coyotes on a 5 night run. The reason for this e-mail to you sir is that I’m interested in buying a few gallons of your FEDERALES and I didn’t see gallon options on your website. Im hoping, when u get a chance, if u could e-mail me back to let me know if this is possible. I’ve used hundreds of different baits and lures in my 12 years of trapping and I’ve never seen these kind of results. “FEDERALES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$”   Thank you for your time sir….Roman A.

That is a great run, this has turned into my go to bait in the last few years. The more I use it, the more impressed I am with what it does on my trap line. I do sell it buy the gallon. I normally do not bottle a lot of gallon baits ahead of season. I will bottle them as needed. The cost is $80.00 a gallon right now. If you want a few, give me a call. Keep in mind that I will be living for TX in a week or so, and once I leave home No baits will get packed. My wife, does not play with the raw bait, even though see sends out the order. So if you want some, I would order this week.
Good luck in TX on your lines,
saber tooth drags coyotes
Mr. Locklear,I am trying to contact you to gain some information on the saber tooths. I want
to use these drags on my coyote and cat lines but due to my different types of
terrain I’m nervous about my results. For open grassy areas of farm fields I am
confident they will be fine. However in the wooded areas I am wondering how they
work. I am nervous that the sharp points will spear leaves and sticks and no
longer leave a good trail to follow. Any input on the subject. There is no
substitute for a drag IMO. The speed and ease are the way to go so I am looking
for a drag to maximize my catch rate and minimize my time tracking. There will
always be a place for standard 2 prong bent drags where there is a high amount
if human traffic, but on private ground a good aggressive drag should be
an asset. Thanks for your time.


If you use the Sabor Tooth drags that F&T sales, you will not have a problem in the woods. You will hardly have to track anything. maybe tow coyotes out a 100 with pull this drag 40 yards from set. If you’re not used to using drags get a doz or two and run them. If you like what you see, you can gear up to all or most drags in a few days. Drags are an energy and time-saving tool. Most guys that go that route, never turn back. They are great in the woods, you are concerned about leaves and sticks, don’t be. The only place i would not use them are next to frozen rivers of large frozen ponds. I have been on some solid frozen crop fields that were tilled and smooth and the coyotes would make it to the tree line but that is it.
Drags rule!
Clint, I recently ordered and watched the cat collector video. I thought it was very educational and can’t wait till this season to try some of those sets. I’ ve listened to every podcast you have. I listened to one on percentages and wondered why you attached two traps to one drag on the cat collector video. I only saw one cat caught in both traps. The other trap just gets drug away unused.It would stand to logic if the two traps weren’t attached to the same drag your chance of catching two cats at the same set,the same night would greatly go up. I understand if you have a limited supply of drags but  I don’t feel like that’s the case with you. Maybe you have  night video to prove this wrong.I’m in the infant stages of trapping but I’m constantly trying to improve with educating myself with info from people on forefront like you. I caught two cats last season with cat collector and realize now how little I knew. Thanks for the great info you put out for free.
Thanks again, Wade W.
You are right. When I trap in a lot of places I will use two traps and two drags at a set.  Please keep in mind that when I go to Texas I am running over 100 trap sets. That would mean I would need 200 drags and an extra 1,000 feet of chain on the drags. Even if this would mean say 20 more bobcats for me, the issue of getting that much weight 1.000 miles away from home is not practical for me. Saying that, most guys are not in an area to run 100 -150 bobcats sets in a day, so the weight is not a real issue. So if you can haul the extra drags then by all means set them. Good luck on your bobcat trapping.
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