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dog proof traps, how a Raccoon hunter turned into raccoon trapper


This my story
Started out in small town in Iowa 500 or so little school 18 kid in my class.
My dad got me started trapping maybe once or twice showing me how to catch
coyotes, raccoon hunting, dog proof trapsI was not allowed to catch a racoon. We had 8 coon hound on any one occasion 10-15
running dog on any occasion, he really never traded dog merely dealt with the
best. He did have some good ones and taught me a lot about hounds. The reason I
was never was allowed to catch a racoon or set a trap on land was because of the
hounds. Well like any kid I ended up catching a racoon never got in any trouble so
like any kid I wanted more got the second coon and oh boy I was coon trapping in
my eyes and my fathers the trap got jerked and I was off the trap line. Now
let's  talk a minute my dad was not really mean or bad the philosophy was don't
trap if you don't want to hate a trapper catching your dog. So as the universe
unrolls I had my own coon dog a red bone hound that had a dented in head don't
know how that happened but her name was daisy may. One late November day I took
her out to go squirrel hunting on a rail road right away that I lived next to.
Well what do think happened next your right she started running a squirrel but
then she crossed a river and went silent. To me I was mad where did she go why
did she go silent. 2 weeks go by never saw old Daisey till I went on a walk
hunting for her under neath a bridge 150 yard from where she disappeared  that
was a feeder creek from where I last lost her there she was laying eating on a
dead deer carcasses that some one has thrown off the bridge. I yelled Daisey with
happiness and then I saw something was wrong a no 11 trap was on her back foot and a
120 trap on her front foot, when she heard me she tried to start hobbling up the bank
but keep falling down 2 weeks with these  traps on her feet. I went down to where
she was at there were no stakes on the trap . I knew what my dad was talking
about . I took the traps off Daisey I hate trapper know from that point for a
lot of year. With a little looking around me and dad found more traps the 120
were all on the ground flat yes that right like a no 3 Bridger trap they were using
them as foot hold at that point my opinion all trapper are dumb, dad reenforced
this. Well enough said guys I was a hound man for 15 years after that and hated
trapping loved my hounds I had beagles running walker for coyote hunted red bone
for coon hunting English pointer for bird hunting. One beagle a 100 yard from the
house got caught in a snare. I hate trapper the guy was a long liner didn't care
just killing everything he didn't check his trap for 8 days and how I know this
the game warden had left a tag on his trap.  At leat that was in November the
next dog a running walker was caught 3 miles from the house in a snare in July, I
had tracking collar but I thought really.  He was hind foot caught we got him
out but always had a limp no deer lock no tag.

Here is where it all changed, I always liked the fur, but went though a divorce I
had to sell all my hounds but my beagles. I kept  5, I meet a new women she
loved the dogs and we enjoyed are beagles so much. Christina and I felt like we
needed a new start so we loaded the beagles and went to Alaska . Agin we run in
to trapper and  tree huggers they didn’t think dog could live outside the tree
huggers that is the dogs bedding was 15$, for a bale of straw the dogs were warm
and happy but I was cruel in their eyes . So we were hunting one day out a dead
end road and ran into a trapper the trapper told us were his traps were and he
was very up  front that we ran into his trap line and let us know he was
trapping and said please call if you lose a dog. I personally thought a lot of
him for doing this my first contact with a responsible trapper. Game changer for
me and my wife.
Respect people and they will respect you! The dog proof traps are what got me
started trapping agin. I know now that  I am not ignorant any know more about
off set trap and lamination some guys say why spend more and this is a good
reason big traps, offset and lamination do less damage to  a dog than a 1 1/2 it’
is really thin jawed and will do more damage period they will do more damage
than a no. 3 Bridger fully modified.  The dog proof helped me become a trapper
agin. I set always having dogs and cats in mind.Think a little bit when you go
trapping about some one else not just fur don’t go set trap by someone’s house ,
it gives us all a bad name be responsible and let’s win respect not ignorance.
Help kids that don’t know because that’s what caught old daisy and teach
responsibility not just killing the money makin comes when you have learned
responsibility and technique. Thank you for reading this story like anything
anti need an excuse lets not give them one be responsible be proud. We are all
in this together let’s keep are sport, are lively hood,  going in the right
direction we can change opinion by education I know this by personal experience.


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