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Hi Clint, Need some advice on what to do to lighten the pull on the triggers of the FB2 trap. Everyone of the 27 traps that I set out have been cleaned out and not set off.  I’m using Randy Smiths Dog food and Molasses method. I am also using your Federalizes oiled down as a trailing sent and they come into that combo like they are on a string……just can’t get the trap to fire. Thanks
On that trap set the dog in slot of the trigger and slowly move the dog till it is 1/16 inch( very close to the end of the slot). This will make the trap on a hair trigger and no movement hardly to fire it. I have used them a lot myself, love them. Take a look at the rod that hold the trigger and make sure you have not junked this up with Molasses. This needs to turn freely for this or any dog proof trap to work. When the trap is empty the trigger should flop up and down, no tension at all. If this is real rusty of junked up the trigger will take a lot of pressure to fire, not good on any brand trap. Try these two things and you will be rocking and rolling on the line.



Was wondering which stake puller you recommend to pull wolf fangs out of the ground? Plan next year to use wolf fang disposable stakes on all my traps but need to know what is the best puller to get these back out. thanks.

I personally do not pull my Wolf Fangs. For me it is a energy, time and I like my back thing. So I don't really know that much about brands or models of disposable stake pullers. Saying that, get a strong beefy one. You will kind that the Wolf Fang holds so well that you might break chain, cable or open J-hooks. So if you are going to pull them, have good chain, good swivels and strong cable hooked to your traps. You soil type will play a role. Sandy soil will not be so bad, packed red clay with test any puller you get. This may seem like a negative but this is the only way you can make sure coyotes don't pull your traps. You want a stake that does not pull easy. You just need to know what your up against pull a stake that holds on like a pit bull.


digger coyote trappingHello Clint

I bought some Baits and Lures from you and have had good success this week with them. You make a good product.  OK now I am located in the blue Ridge Mtns in Ashe county NC we Border TN to our west and Border VA to our north.  So I am in the Northwest corner of NC… in the mtns…  Been trapping for close to 10 yrs… Caught 4 coyotes in less than one week in front of my house less than 100 yds from my front door last year.

Now my parents place is overrun with yotes, so I played the same game with them as I did last year. Caught the female on night two 75 yds from there house.  The male had to have seen her because hind end had been bit several times. And he is going around finding every set with lure, or bait and digging under the pan not firing the trap and getting the bait sometimes. He pulled wool outta one and laid it on the pan.  URRRR.

Ok so I put out a camera at the location where I caught the female and a trap that I just keep lettn him dig and I reset. Because I put out blind sets and he has not found in 3 nights . So hes only digging my sets with lure,etc.  not my blind sets so the traps are not stinky…   Ok so the camera takes three pics one in road walking, one caught him digging the set that I caught the female in. (got a blind set on backside of that trapset with all the duff in middle)  And one pic where he is marking a fern and a log.  SO I put a blind in exactly where his front foot is at on the cam at the scent post, with a smidgen of grey pee.

So I need help as to a different combination or something. Keep in mind people trapped on boundry beside ours and a neighbor traps the roadway at base of mountain. Pressured… Smart… She was older, her front teeth were well rounded. He looks like he is 30 lbs or so.  same as what I caught at home last yr. Female 35+lbs, Male 35lbs, Pup,and another pup.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.   Also I want to send you a couple pics of my youngns trappin with me, maybe you can use on your website somewhere.


Daniel O


I can tell you what I would do myself, but since i’m not there, I can only guess. If he wants to play with you sets, let him. I would combine a lured set with a blind set at the same time. Pick some locations that have some trails that cross the travel way of the coyote. Go up the trail on the up wind side and put in a big nasty lured set about 10 yards from his travel way up the trail. The put in blind sets 6-7 yards away from the set on both sides of the lured set. Use clean traps, blend then in perfect and do NOT use any kind of stepping sticks or rocks. Keep it pure natural. This way you can catch him going to your set, NOT at your lured set. The reason you want traps below and above the lured set on the trail is in case he circles your set and comes in from above your set. That is what i would do, and do it 3-4 times to make sure you nail him. Good luck.



Hi Clint my name is Broch. I am a HUGE fan of yours and i watch your videoes daily. I live 30 miles north of xxxxxxxxx Missouri i have about 1200 to 1500 acres to trap this year. On this spread is a mile of the pomme de terre river several tree lines with 4 way travel paths for tractors trucks ect. Part of it is pasture and part is in crops like peanuts n soybeans i am trying to learn how to find places where my quarry will be moving or traveling ect if i give you my contact info i could talk to you while you are on google earth and show you the place. Im stumped season here opens this sat. The 15th i am using mb550 and number 4 montgomery traps im going for coyote bobcat coon fox otter and beaver mink any help would be very very appriciated for my coon i have built cubby boxes that accept a 155 coni. Again Clint keep up the awesome work and keep the vids coming also love the rant on tiny trap club !! I can send you my phone if you would be willing to help a man out thank yo u and happy trappin Broch S in Mo

You will be better off finding a local trapper to help you out with this, I would call the state trapping Association they are always willing to help. Sorry man but this time of the year I am swamped, trapping, putting up fur and running my mail order business. The best way is to go out and spend some time walking. Look for tracks and scat. Then look for why they are there, how they got there and you will start seeing patterns on how they move around. The best teacher is always the animal.


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