dog proof trapping, trapping videos — August 24, 2014 at 1:13 am

Catching Raccoon with Freedom Brand FB2 dog proof traps on predator control line in Texas


freedom brand fb2 dog proof trapHow to catch Raccoons with Freedom Brand FB2 dog proof traps in Texas on a Predator Control Job. Norm Blackwell is the gentlemen in the below video. He was the other instructor at the Texas Predator School, so he knows traps and trapping. I was leaving Texas and Norm wanted to play with my Freedom Brand FB2 traps as he went to another predator trapping contract. Before Norm was using my FB2 dog proof traps in Texas, he has already got to spend a few days with Jeff Dunlap in LA. Jeff Dunlap was using the Freedom Brand FB2′s and Norm got to already see how well they catch raccoons.

What really is neat about these dog proof traps are the way you can set the trigger. It is set up right and you will see what I mean in Norms video he is sharing with us.

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