Cat Collector Bobcat lure in Cold and re-luring, coyote bobcat traps, rub lure questions for Clint Locklear

clint locklear radio showWill the cat collector call out in extreme cold conditions and stay strong for 
long periods of time? 

It works great in cold. I have customers that reorder all the time in AK and Canada. You could add a very drops of skunk if you want to. Skunk in cold gives some trappers confidence. Skunk will not hurt Cat Collector at all. 
Cat Collector does not need to be re-lured for 3-4 weeks. It does not dry out and handle water like a champ.

I was talking about a coil spring , just want to maximize my visit to catch ratio. I get yote tracks inside the jaws but miss the pan and I cant afford that.i see that expand a pans make expanded pans for cdr and Bridger and duke traps maybe that would help instead of buying different traps then what I got . I was also thinking about going to Bridger #4 long springs and use the electrical plate cover to expands some pans myself. i just want a really good coyote and bobcat trap that i can have confidence in. 1 trap for both coyotes and bobcats ? idk if there is such a thing I know long spring traps don't freeze up like coil springs do. I really appreciate your info and I have watched all your videos, so thank you for being a good guy and helping. If you had to pick one trap for both yotes and cats what would it be ? and what mods would you do to them. Thanks

If I were you I would go with #4 Bridger/ #4 Sleepy Creek or #3 Bridger dogless coilspring. You can make your own big expanded pans. You can also get a bolt on big pan from Expand-A-Pan that can be found at Okie Cable and Trap. I know what you mean by having tracks in side your jaws will drive your crazy. If you buy a pre-made Expand-A-Pan for #4 longsprings, you will almost have the same size big pan without the cost. Saying that the CDR is a great trap and built like a tank.


Mr. “Clint”:

I am hoping you won’t mind answering a couple of stupid questions (I found your web site) regarding cat lures.  I’m not a trapper and not trying to become a trapper.  What I am is a lost pet owner—specifically a cat.  I won’t go into how many ways I’ve tried to bring home this very skittish and timid pet, I will just say that I am now trying to use a cat lure and can’t find a “how to” on the internet.  There are articles on what cat lures do and how they work, but not how to use them.  Even the jar I bought doesn’t come with directions!

I purchased a Comstock double-door trap (12″ opening) as the cat won’t go into a Have-A-Hart single door, food-baited, trap and the raccoons usually get to the food first, so he would never have a chance anyway (I’ve caught four now).  I was told to set up the trap and put a stick in  with the cat rub on it—–how much do I use?  Does a little go a long way—–will this attract garden variety house cats (my goal to recapture my neutered male)?  Will I catch raccoons with this too (not my goal)?  Or the red fox roaming about? Can cats smell it from a long distance off and will it be so incredibly appealing so they will come, or is it only for close range when they might catch a whiff passing nearby?

I know this is not what you do—-but I would sincerely appreciate some insight to try to get my domestic baby back—this may be my last hope.

Karen F.
I have not used the brand of cat rub you bought, but Im sure it will work. The amount used is about the size of a peanut on the stick. Rub lure will not draw a cat for over about 20 feet downwind. Sorry to tell you this but, you will probably have raccoon and fox catches with it. I have a recommendation, but i have never done it. I have not tried to catch a house cat before. You might want to get some strong used kitty litter. Pour in about quart in the middle of the two door trap. Now wire the doors open so they will not close for a few days. At first, the raccoon and fox will examine the odor, but will figure out there is no food to be had. After a few days make sure trap will work. Most cats will examine cats sells everyday once they find it. This is the only way I can think of that a raccoon or fox will leave you alone for the most part. No guarantee. The most important  of setting the trap is to have it close, very close to were the cat you are after is traveling. Make sure the cage does not rock or move when the cat steps on the cage and use dirt, grass or duff to cover the wire on the bottom of the cage. cats don’t like to walk on wire. If the two door has wires hanging down go with the haveaheat trap. Cats can move around wire with little problem. If the two door trap has a pan or treadle, then use it. You can pile up brush around the sides of the trap to make a tunnel, cats like this. Good luck on getting you cat back.

Thank you for your kindness and taking time to write me back.  I have been so discouraged.  I actually pulled up both feed traps today, having abandoned any hope.  The trap with the cat rub was placed in a patch of woods for a day or two, but doesn’t look like it’s been touched and isn’t in a direct path line of where my cat might go—I’ve discovered they don’t like tall grass or brambles if they have a clear path on the side of the road instead.  He was actually back at my house two days ago, but fled by the time I got out of the car.  I had given up—–can’t put a food trap out because of the raccoons and opossum (Pretty will have to be trapped because he’s so skittish).  I’m going to pick up the cat rub trap tomorrow and put it near my house.  The kitty litter I will use will come straight from the litter box of my other cats—-he may happen by and be attracted to their familiar scent and perhaps venture in.
Thank you again for giving me another go at it.  I will absolutely let you know if this works.  I’m out of ideas—-have tried everything.
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  1. I wanted to start out by saying thank you for all the time and effort you (Clint) and the rest of the guys put into providing a wedsite like this one every time i open the website i learn something new and extremely helpful. My question is this since i have lost at least one foxthis year that was trapped to coyotes would fox meat make a effective bait? And if so what should I add to it to increase the effectiveness of the fox meat?

  2. Clint,
    I hope this gets to you. I purchased and just watched your cat collector video for the second time. I’m writing from Arizona. I’m a cage trapper due to laws in Az. I know you use foot holds but as I was watching you set your traps I noticed you always opened only one jar of bait to put some in the bottom of the dirt hole. You made a comment that you were wanting to pull most of your products off the shelf and sale this bait you’d come up with and we’re having great success with. I feel I spend way to much on bait and wouldn’t mind using only a couple products. Do you sale that bait you were using yet or is there a way I can purchase what ever it is you are using in your sets?


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