coyote trapping, Land trapping — December 22, 2014 at 10:07 pm

Brenden Brown talks about his season coyote snaring and trapping in the rain


brendon1Hey yall, sorry i have written anything the last 2 weekends weve been real busy. Anyways ive been learning alot about my line and how weather is affecting my catches. Ive been seeing that the coyotes are moving a good amount right after a rain storm, witch is good because its been raining a good bit and putting my otter and beaver sets out. I also figured that since i was loosing some animals using the galvanized cable on my snare it would be smart to go to stainless so i got some of that ordered so now hopefully ill start holding them all. I also have been thinking of a new way to snare coons along creek banks super fast. Im going to do some testing though before i go into detail on it. Ive also been figuring out grab and die stick, ive been tearing up some coyotes with them and i absolutely love them. Over that past few weeks ive had a few bad experiences, ive had some coyotes (i think) get out of snares, ive had the water come up and i caught a beaver by the foot in a 330 and a coyote in a blind set for coon and otter in the middle of a creek (still figuring that out), and the one that actually upset me a good amount besides the snares failing is that i had finally snares my very first red fox, ive tried for 4 years for one and i finally connected and a coyote came along and ate it!!!!!!!!! It absolutely ruined the fur! But besides that and like i said the snares i couldnt wish for anything better other than all this rain to stop. Sorry i havent been writing lately again, i hope to have some more soon

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