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Bobcat Trapping, most deer hunters, ranches and the public does not understand why we do it.


bobcats eating deer  

Nature’s ultimate predator, Bobcats,Control them with trapping

I am amazed at the lack of understanding about how deadly a bobcat is to deer, fawns, turkey and quail. Most wildlife managers understand the destruction coyotes can do to wildlife, but they do not have a grasp on how the bobcat is nature’s ultimate predator.

Bobcats and mountain lion hunt in an entirely different way than coyotes hunt. They stalk and wait to ambush their prey. A coyote will chase and jump it’s food then run it down for the kill. A big cat hunts and stalks prey just as a house cat. The difference is the size and strength of a bobcat and mountain lion. When they sneak up on a deer they jump on the back of the deer at great speed. As this happens the cat (unlike a coyote) has four sets of large and sharp claws to dig into the skin of the deer. Then the cat sinks it’s fangs into the neck around the jugular area of the frightened deer. The cat then holds on for the ride. The deer is scared and excited as its heart pumps faster. The cat has bitten the neck area of the deer where the major blood vessels are located and the deer dies of blood lost. If you are under the idea that bobcats don’t kill mature deer, you are misinformed of the facts.


A study was done on the cost of South Carolina. The bobcats had radio collars placed around their neck. One of the male bobcats in the study killed 30 mature deer before the collar was torn off. The scientist tracked the routes of the cat to the kills. This area was void of coyotes at the time of the study. Let that sink in for a moment. One bobcat killed 30 mature deer. The fawning season was several months in the past. You can go to the “Cuddy Back trail cam” web-site and see a bobcat taking down a mature deer.

Besides deer, bobcats can destroy the local turkey and quail population. Cats learn to hunt the roosting area. The cat climbs the roost trees or waits until the turkey land on the ground, then pounces. Quail try and hide in cover; this is the same place that cats hunt.

What do the studies say?

(Progulske et al. 1995, Blankenship et al. 2000) These two studies observed the amount deer in bobcat scat in Texas. Proguiske found 1 out of 4 bobcat scat had deer in it. Blankenship found 1 out of 3 bobcats scat had deer in it.

(Baker et al.2001) found, “high year round use of whitetail deer”. (Epstein et al. 1983) found,”bobcats preyed extensively on fawns”.

Don’t fall for the “Walt Disney” thought process about big cats. Bobcats don’t just eat rabbits, squirrels and song birds as is taught by the mainstream. If your house cat weighed 30 pounds, do you think he would just case mice or song birds? Bobcats are the most under rated ultimate predator in the woods. Plus they don’t eat spoiled food, so they have to kill often to stay alive.

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  1. Great article!!! I wish more deer hunters and outfitters would grasp this concept.

  2. Here in the state of Virginia we have a hard time getting trapping properties ! All the hunt clubs here use dogs and they hate trappers. I have tried to explain to them that hitting coyotes & bobcats hard in the months of april & may would give them a better fawn crop, but two no avail !

  3. I couldn’t agree more here is my story to back up this article. After five trips into my camera this cat was a little to comfortable with my presents and got a load of #4 buckshot from 30 yards. During the second trip in I clipped in a shooting lane for when the cat started returning to the kill sooner after I left.

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