bobcat trapping, Land trapping, trapping videos — December 3, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Bobcat trapping with bobcat flags, you will want to build some of these


This is one great tool for a bobcat trapper. I did not come up with it. A student of mine did from MS. If you have seen my bobcat trapping system or my Cat Collector, you know how I think Bobcat flagging placement is so important. Sometimes you need have a tree or bush were you need it. I use the flag to control the bobcats, not just get their attention. This stand is a game changer to a cat man that understands flag placement is so bobcat flag

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  1. deadly on grey fox as well

  2. I basically do the same thing but just take a limb and stick it in the ground at an angle. When the grounds frozen use your pogo driver as a pilot hole driver for your limb. This set up would be quicker being premade but something else to carry also.

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