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Baiting dog proof traps, early and late raccoon trapping something to think about


Is there really a difference is the baits and lures needed for early and late raccoon trapping with dog proof traps. Yep! absolutely! I use what I think is the best performing dog proof trap on the market, The Freedom Brand 1 and 2 traps. These traps are raccoon pelt stackers. Saying that, no matter how good my Freedom Brand dog proof traps are, if I do not use the right bait at the right time, my catch will suffer.

freedom brand dog proof trapsI was listening to a guy giving a raccoon demo this year, he said that there is no difference in early and late raccoon baits or lures for raccoons. I was surprised to hear this. He said that early and late raccoon odors are made up by lure makers to sell more bait and lure. I’m sure he ment well, but that is not an observation for any active raccoon line that is ran early and late. My lines have shown me a very clear lesson.  Early is the season, raccoons are trying to put on heavy fat. Raccoon, unlike the USDA knows you put on fat by eating carbs, the more carbs the fatter one will become. Sweet odors whisper carbs to raccoon and they attack it. A raccoon is a living animal, high carb diets are not healthy long-term. After the high carb diet, the raccoons have to eat other things to live. Now meat has fat, very different from carbs. The raccoon needs to eat meat to stay healthy. He just knows this, animals trust their instincts.  So if you understand this, you can see why and how, you as a trapper needs to have what the raccoon is looking for. So early, carbs, which is normally sweet. After about a month, switch to meats. When I say meats, I am referring to more of a predator bait. Think about it, most of the big monster raccoon are caught at coyote, bobcat and fox sets. Now what do these kinds of sets have in common, predator bait or lure that is high in amino acids…….Fats.

Do let me talk you into to this, because it could be a big sales pitch! Try it for yourself.  Listen to your own trap line. You will see, if you stay with sweet lures all year-long, your catch will drop, not because the raccoon are already caught, they just changed their taste and needs.

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  2. Really like the article. Will try it this year and see how it works.

  3. Amino acids = protein not fat.

    But I like the article.

    My own experience says sweet works when they can smell it and after temps get down around 25 degrees consistently, predator baits and lures do better.

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