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Sending you this while listing to trapping radio on trapping apps. Here is a program that you can use on your smart phone, tablet, and home computer, and it is called Evernote. You can add the notes, data, pictures etc., and use it with google earth, maps etc. I’m leaving for the weekend, and when get back Sunday eve. can use the computer that I have the information on using Evernote, can email you the how to use Evernote program.
Liverpool, Pa
Thats cool. I had no idea that program would do all that. I know I have on my phone. Thanks for sharing,Clint
Note to reader: this was based on a show we did on Trapping show 174

What is the best lure or lures and trapping method for bobcats in central pa I've trapped for years but this is the first year I got a permit to trap a cat here in pa and was just wandering what would be best. Thanks Sent from my iPhone

My go to bobcat lure is hands down Cat Collector Lure, then I will always have the body order of the bobcat with bobcat urine or a fresh bobcat gland lure like Booty Call bobcat gland lure. If you are going to be trapping in the snow, then I would stay away from dirt holes unless it is protected under a tree. I like to have a topless cuby set with very heavy blocking everywhere except over the trap and path to lure. You can see me making these videos on my YouTube channel Wolfernation.

Good luck on your permit!


Hey Mr. Locklear. My name is A M and I got out of the Marine Corps a year ago and the wife and I moved back to the ranch here in Nebraska. I'd really like to get into trapping and I'm going to start out with raccoons this season. I have a few questions about using dog proof traps. 1. How long do you run your chain on your dog proof traps and how many swivels is in that chain and the placement of them? 2. Have you used the freedom brand fb1 in a snowy environment? Did they run ok in that environment? 3. Are there any adjustments you make on a new freedom brand FB 1? 4. If I was to make my own trailing scent for a Coon what would you recommend making it out of? 5. Do you bury your chain on your dog proof traps? 6. Do you dip your new dog proof traps? 7. Where do you shoot a coon for dispatch and what gun are you using?

1. I use the standard chain length on my Freedom Brand Dog proof traps. Saying that I do shorten then if I need to double set a smaller culvert. I just use a speed clip or wire to do this. You don’t want a long chain on dog proof traps so you can keep in the entanglement down.2. I have not used my Freedom Brand FB1 in extended snow to be honest. I have not seen an issue more than any other trap if the trap ices up. If this happens, nothing will work. I do have friends that use the in snow all the way through rutting season and have good luck with them.3. I always check to make sure the trigger has a short throw to fire. Most traps are good right out of the box. If you do need to adjust you can see me do it on my youtube channel wolfernation and QSR also has a very good video to explain how to get the maximum of of the trap.4..Fish oil straight or mixed 50% used cooking oil. My favorite one and what Randy Smith uses to nail around a 1,000 raccoon’s with is one pint of Federales Bait mixed into one gallon or cooking oil. You will need to stir well and let marry for about a week. If you want to spray with a bottle little opening, you will need to strain it to not get end of bottle plugged up.

5. I do not take one second burying the chain, it is not needed.

6.I just go use my Freedom at the first of the season. I do use spay paint on the springs and dip in Full Metal Jacket after a few weeks.

7. I use a 22LR out of a pistol in the head. Center just above the eyes. Lights out quick and clean. They will bleed, so get in the habit on getting raccoon’s head down hill or over a limb or bush.

Good luck and thanks for your service brother,


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