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Not catching coyotes, why not?



I set out coyote traps and I have not caught anything in a week, Why?

coyote trapping how to

This can be for many reasons, one is the size of the ground you set up. Today with smaller farms, most trappers are trapping on smaller pieces of ground. Let’s say you have 50 acres to trap. Let’s say you have droppings in a some roads and you see a lot of coyote tracks in the roads. Most newer trappers will assume that if they put in some good dirt hole or flat sets that they should have 1-4 coyotes standing in their traps in a few days. It does seem like since you see tracks and droppings that they coyotes are there.

This is true and not true. We must understand that coyotes do not live with the same mind set on home range as a trapper or land owner does. To us 50, 200 or even 500 acres is is big place. It is to people, but to the coyotes, not so much. Most coyotes live on half a square mile to 10 square miles. Coyotes to not believe in human property rights or really care about the restrictions of the land available to a trapper.

So why am I telling you this? Well, it has to be understood so a trapper does not get discouraged or think that they are doing something wrong if he does not make quick coyote catches. If your new to the trapping game, this is coyotes trapping. Coyotes do not need you bait of lure, very few of them a starving to death. They are not trusting animals, but more than anything else, they cover a lot of ground.

Ok, you set on good coyotes locations with sign. Now you have to, have to give your sets a chance to work. This may be a week, two or three. Keep in mind that if a coyote is working, say 60,000 acres, he WILL NOT BE on you 50 or 100 acres every night or even every week. This is no difference than you. You might go to your favorite restaurant every week or so. Now if I wanted to trap you. I would have to wait till you went to the restaurant if that is were I was going to set a trap for you. If it was two weeks, then it would be two weeks and there is nothing I can do but to wait on you.

The best way to keep your catch up is to spread out my line. The law of averages will be say that if I have 5-10 sections of a coyotes range set, he will be a one of them quicker than if I camped out at one.

If our modern world where everything is instant and on demand, trapping will force you to let things take there course. No magic lure or set will change this. Put in good sets, with good lure on great locations with sign and you will be rewarded. When your reward happens is not up to you, but the coyotes travel patterns.

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  1. I fell into this mindset this year. The first couple of sites had been productive years ago for me so I assumed they were still good in 2 or three nights. But things changed and I didn’t take that into account.

    Having a dozen sets out on two adjacent farms isn’t nearly as productive as 50 sets spread out on a couple of townships.

    My land trapping is over for this season but there is always next fall. Considering the law of averages, your reminder suggests multiple locations have a better chance of connecting at least once in a while.

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